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2020 Fee Schedule



Applies to initial chart screening and case review. After initial 2 hr review case is discussed to verify goals.


Simple $1500  Complex $1800

Includes up to an hour for record review, exam and report. Any additional time, beyond 3 hrs is billed at an hourly rate.  Non-refundable. Pre-payment is required. 

PPI EVALUATIONS                                               


Record review, exam and PPI rating only.  This does not include causation opinion, disability, or any treatment recommendations. 

REGULAR HOURLY RATE                                       


Includes: Record/chart reviews (se 2  hour initial review minimum above), Research, Travel time, Consultations
"RUSH JOBS" (less than 7 days turnaround time) require additional fees.



TELEPHONE CONFERENCES                               



15 minute minimum; billed in 15 minute increments.

RECORD/CHART REVIEWS                                     



15 minute minimum; billed in 15 minute increments.




1 hour minimum; billed in 15 minute increments.



$2400-$4000 range     


Two hour minimum.  


$3500 half day - $7000 full day  


Includes: Scheduling 30 Days prior to court date preferred to insure date and adequate prep time. Pre-payment required at time of notice in order to be added to calendar.  Continuations or reschedules may require additional retainers.  Excludes travel expenses.  If cancelled prior to 7 days in advance, prep hours will be charged with a 75 % pre-payment refund. Within 7 days, sudden cancellations will be charged prep time and 50% refund.

Travel time outside Fort Wayne: Mileage rate $0.58 per mile    

Travel - airfare: Coach rate. 

Travel - hotel: Single room. Meals- 50% of expenses

Emails- 0.1 hourly  rate  for 2 emails

Rush Jobs: Less than 7 days turnaround may require additional fees.
*Invoices are payable within 30 days of receipt; late fees may apply. 

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