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Services Provided

Medical Chart Reviews

IME-Independent Medical  Examination

Medical Information can be overwhelming. Distilling complex charting to find pertinent details requires keen insight. Years of experience is needed to recognize the intricacies of the patient's diagnosis and best practices that should have been employed in that patient's care.

Each case is different but every patient should  be treated with respect.

Discerning MD intends to provide precise details of  fee structures, safe locations for exams and schedules for IME's.

Medical documents will be reviewed, complete patient exams performed and reports generated within a prearranged time period.

Depositions and Expert Witness

Miscellaneous Services

It is expected that depositions or requests for expert testimonies will be required. A deposition agreement will be provided so that all parties remain informed. Preparation fees, schedules, location and any other requirements will be clearly detailed. Please call to discuss Expert Witness possibilities and expectations.

  • Consultations

  • Disability Exams (Impairment and Disability)

  • Peer Reviews (Second Opinion)

  • File reviews

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